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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


It could be worse right? Hmmm....Do you ever have one of those days when you know you should have stayed in bed? Yup, we all do. Well, I had one of those yesterday. Where to begin? First off, I got out of bed, which was my first mistake. Had I known what was lying ahead I would have hidden under the covers all day. So...back to.. I got out of bed and went to drive my son to school. As I was backing out of my icy driveway I slid a bit and hit the end of my fence hard enough to take out the end post and loosen a whole strip. Okay, it wasn't really that hard, it was starting to rot so I don't suppose it would have taken much. Well, after getting out of the car and picking up the pieces of the fence I proceeded to drive my son to school. When I came home, I parked the car and went inside for a much needed cup of tea. About an hour later I headed out again, this time to take care of bills, you know, rob Peter to pay Paul? Anyway, wouldn't you know it...the car wouldn't start. Dead as a doorknob. Grr....I stormed inside and went to the phone to call my CAA. About half hour later they showed up and gave me a boost warning me not to turn the car off for awhile. Once again, I headed out to do my business, the whole time leaving the car running, hoping someone would come along and steal it. On the way home I stopped at my local corner store to pick something up. While chatting with the clerk, she pointed out to me that I had a flat tire. Yup, I sure did, but because of the mess of the icy, bumpy roads, and unless you live in Northern Canada, you wouldn't understand that, I couldn't tell I had a flat. So I hopped in my car and drove to the service station to put air in my tire. After struggling with the air pump I realized it wasn't working so I drove over to the service center to get help. As I was walking around the car to enter the station my feet flew out from under me as I stepped on a big patch of ice. I went down. I went down hard. I tore the knees out of my pants taking off a few layers of skin, banged my cheek bone and managed to bend my glasses a bit. Feeling like a complete fool I struggled to my feet, brushed myself off and proceeded into the service station to get help with my tire. One look by the attendant and he quickly informed me this was no slow leak but more like a puncture, probably from my encounter with the fence. Okay by now it was only 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon and I decided to head home and lay low. Enough adventure for me for one day. Maybe I should just go home and throw my frustrations into my artwork and create an awesome painting. And how was your day?til next time...Trish the clutz

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