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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well I am pretty pleased today. Not long ago I decided to open up a shop at www.zazzle.com and lately I have been making some great sales. Okay, I admit, I didn't open up the store to make a lot of money, you get very little return on the items. However, there were a few reasons I opened it. #1 - to get exposure for my artwork (if someone drinks out of a coffee cup everyday bearing one of my paintings, they might get interested to buy one.) #2 - it really costs nothing to open except my time. So nothing ventured, nothing gained is the way I see it as I am always open to new opportunities to get my artwork seen. To date I have sold gift cards, a t-shirt and 4 aprons, all of them bearing my artwork. You can see a sample of one of my products above. It is a father's day barbeque apron and seems pretty popular. Below is a sample of a travel coffee mug for father's day also. It's just another method of marketing in my opinion and I am a typical artist in that I love to create art, but hate to market it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


originally uploaded by Trishishere.
This was one of my very first paintings and to date still one of my favorites. People viewing it have compared my work to Peter Max because of my similar use of bold color. Not sure if it fits in the pop art category. I love to paint with acrylics because of their bold bright color. Unfortunately this painting is not for sale but I would gladly reproduce something similar if you wish to commission one. I have also used a similar style on a stool I painted that was quickly snapped up by a client in Pennsylvania.

I love to paint in this pop art style but also in my folk art style so I tend to go back and forth creating in both.

Friday, May 25, 2007


I've been working on some new paintings in my series "Life In Northern Canada" so I've decided to put up two from that series that are still for sale before I bring out the new paintings. I began this series one day while watching local children at play and reminising on my own youth and the simpleness of our play. A time when children actually went outside to play instead of sitting in front of a computer or video games. I can remember my sisters, our friends and I staging plays in the gully behind our house and our family and the neighbours coming to watch. We even did our own rendition of the Beatles, however, I was always upset that I had to be Ringo and could never be the handsome Paul. Do you remember British Bulldog? Shadow Tag? Swiss skip? Double Dutch? Making dandelion chains for necklaces and crowns? Did you ever put a rubber ball in the foot of your mother's nylon and then swing it against the wall chanting..."Hello, hello, hello Sir. Are you coming out Sir?" I still don't understand where that rhyme originated from. Ah, the memories. It is these very memories I want to bring out in people as they study my paintings. A time when being a child, meant just being a child. When life was more innocent, no threats of being shot in your schoolroom. To want to be young again? No, not me. I was fortunate to be raised in a time when life was much less stressful for children. It's a shame our own children can't experience that. But we have our memories and we can share them, and maybe my paintings will help keep those memories alive.

These are the only two of the series not sold yet. I love the brightness and fun of the "Canada Parade Day" painting. It shows that Canadian are also very patriotic as the children in my series organize and stage their own July 1st parade. It was also when I started painting children with disabilities into my paintings as I feel they are just as important. In this series I only paint children. Adults aren't allowed in this world I create. The second one was one of my first titled, "Summer Fun". My newer paintings are more detailed and show how I've progressed in my painting.

However, my very favorite has to the the one I donated to the Easter Seals Society which is an organization that helps children with disabilities. I give them a painting yearly to be auctioned at the Conn Smythe Celebrity Sportsman dinner in Toronto and the proceeds go towards Easter Seals. This painting was very special to me as it depicts a physically challenged child dreaming of one day playing on the Olympic Men's Sledge Hockey Team. And why shouldn't he? However, I was in such a rush to get it to them in time for the auction that I didn't get a very good picture of it. Wish I had.

So I will continue adding on to this series since it gives me a lot of satisfaction and comfort to know that others enjoy them also and that they too, are reminded of their youth and much simpler times. Maybe it's time we taught our children British Bulldog???

If you are interested in purchasing either of these paintings you can do so by emailing me or visiting my website at http://www.simplyart.tk

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well although I have my own website that I use to promote and sell to my artwork to art buyers and art collectors, I have decided to try posting a few items on Etsy. In the past I have always gone with Ebay and had a lot of success selling my original paintings for decent prices. However, I find these days Ebay is getting pretty expensive for the average self represented artist and just forces you to raise the price of your art work, something I hate to do. I try to keep my prices affordable to art collectors and already established clients. I am not out to make a fortune selling my work, however, creating paintings is more expensive than most realize. The cost of the canvas alone, if like me, you like to buy the premium artist gallery wrapped canvas, with no staples in the sides and if you like to use good quality paints can really add up fast. If you have to add the expense of Ebay on top of it all...well, the price naturally goes up. So I continue to offer my work for sale at my website and also in the community through 'brick and mortar' markets, I am going to try and post some items on Etsy such as my painted furniture (see pic of stool) and one of my functional pieces of art, my ladies heads or as I call them, my Funky Mamas. :) I have yet to go the way of private galleries or even to join local art galleries as I hate to have to 'pigeon-hole' my work. I like the freedom to express myself in any style and medium I choose. So for now I will continue on selling in the manner I have been to date and keep creating upbeat and happy paintings. Both items above can be purchased at my new Etsy shop 'The Functional Artist' or at my website. See links to the right.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Recycling has become a way of life for me as is art. To combine the two is a bonus. My friends and family know what a 'pack rat' I am and before they toss anything they laughingly ask me if I want to take it home and do something with it. Of course, 9 times out of 10 I do.

The way I see it, recycling serves three purposes. One, we are helping the environment by reusing and recyling it. Two, we are saving ourselves money and being frugal by recylcing it into something useful. And three, we can often turn it into a functional piece of art.

I have raised three children and they grew up creating art on a regular basis and the majority of their supplies came from recyclable trash. You wouldn't believe the money it saved me, the way it decreased my trash and how they got to use their wonderful imaginations coming up with some very creative things. Father and Mother's Day we always received special hand made items created with their own hands. How much more special can that be to receive a gift your child has made especially for you?

So before you toss out that empty egg carton, the yogurt container, those stray buttons and pieces of lace, make your child a 'craft box' with the items. All you need to add are basics such as scissors, gluesticks and markers and it will give them hours of entertainment and a chance to use their imaginations.

If you are interested I can post a list of things I have put in my children's craft boxes and even some crafty ideas for their use. Let me know if you are interested! Happy recycling/crafting

Monday, May 21, 2007


Here is another piece of recycled furniture. I actually have another stool and small square table that goes with it so they will be eventually painted too. The painting on this is based loosely on my painting "Three Faces of Eve". The stool was so boring beforehand and now I think it's kind of funky! Obviously I love bright colors although in my own home I tend to decorate more towards the 'shabby chic' look. Go figure??? ;)

Sunday, May 20, 2007


As promised after a lot of experimentation, this is the best recipe I have tried for paper mache.

You will need:

- Water
- White flour
- Salt
- glue (I like using Welbond but you could use Elmers)
- Large mixing bowl
- Long mixing spoon
- Pot for boiling water


Try to keep to the amounts below or increase by doubling.

- 1 litre luke warm water
- ¼ cup of table salt
- 1 litre flour

I sometimes add 'oil of cloves' (found at your local drugstore) as a preservative and a touch of bleach as an extra precaution to prevent mold. Keep in mind bleach can be very drying on the hands so have a good moisturizer handy!!

Stir salt (optional) and flour into lukewarm water until well mixed. Beat out all the lumps. Add the boiled water and stir quickly into four mix. At this point you can also add your 'oil of cloves' or bleach.
In the event you don't add bleach or oil of clove and some mold develops you can always wipe it down with either after completion.
The paste can be stored in a covered container in the refrigerator.

Let me know if you try out this recipe and how it works for you!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007


I confess I am somewhat obsessed with paper mache since I first tried it to make the above singing duet. Okay, they didn't turn out the greatest but figurines aren't that easy to make and it was my first attempt. The second time I decided to make bowls but they just didn't let me be creative enough. So don't ask me where I came up with the idea for these ladies heads. I think I started out attempting masks and they just evolved. The first one was snapped up by a buyer right away so I hurried home to make some more. Thus the "Funky Mamas" were created. I try to make each one unique giving them different hair colors and styles, jewellry and nationality. I want each on to be an individual. I have just completed my third one (pic to come) of a Native American lady. They look so funky hanging on a wall and also serve as a functional piece of art by giving you a place to drape your bathrobe or lingerie!

Of course I have attempted other things in paper mache such as rainsticks. It turned out really great (pic to come) and I ended up teaching papier mache workshops here in Sudbury to children at after school centers and schools. The Primary students loved making their rain sticks while the older students tried their hand at maraccas.

If you would like to try your hand at paper mache I will post the best recipe I could find in my next blog as well as some tips I have learned along the way. Until then...be creative!


I admit I have become somewhat obsessed with paper mache. As an artist I love to try different mediums and paper mache gives me an opportunity to be very creative. Above was my first attempt at making paper mache figurines and believe me they were not as easy as I thought. However, being the type to just jump in there and not follow directions it is no wonder they came out a little bit crude. :)However, that didn't stop me from continuing on in this medium of art. Where else can you find an artform that costs so little to make and where you can create almost anything? And I mean almost anything. I have seen artists create furniture that held up for years and years with the same durability as wood. How impressive is that? So I went on to experiment further. Starting with simple things such as bowls, which just weren't exciting or creative enough for me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have always been fascinated with miniatures ever since I made my daughter a barbie house 20 years ago. I have also always been fascinated with folklore and fairies. Having a Scottish mother I remember one of her sisters telling me stories about fairies. Whenever my daughter or I misplace something we ask the fairies to put it back! But not before we toss a few coins into the room to thank them. It never fails when we stomp back into the room, we can always find what it was we had lost!So it makes sense that eventually given my love of the minatures and fairy stories, I would eventually make my own fairy house.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Okay by now you may have come to the conclusion that I love to recycle. Not only is it great for the environment but it gives us a chance to experiment and test our talents and abilities. If you gave it a try you would be amazed at the endless possibilities. One of the truest things I have ever heard is "One man's junk is another man's treasure". Although in this case it's this gal's treasure!

My children and my friends know what a 'packrat' I am. I recently asked my daughter's boyfriend to give me all his empty soda cans rather than send them to recycling (I have an art project in mind). My daughter told him not to!!!!!! Okay, so the two bedroom apartment we share has slowly been taken over by mom's castaways. So what if the diningroom is full of my 'junk'. We are seldom home at the same time to sit down and dine anyway!

In this blog I plan to post tips and ideas on converting those unwanted items into functional, decorative artwork for your home. Please check back shortly.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Recycled Garden Table

Here is a sample of one of my recycled functional art pieces. My son dragged home a round piece of wood he found with a hole in the center. When he failed to do anything with it, I did. I hauled out my paints and painted it up funky. Then I used an old planter as a base and put a candle holder in the center and ended up with a very functional piece of art that serves as an outdoor table...for no cost but the paint. Gotta love a bargain!


Funky Mama Ladies Heads

I only began seriously painting after making some major life changes 6 years ago, although I was always artistic. Now art has become part of me and I can't spend a day away from it. I began with painting mainly but find my interests are so broad that I have to try every medium and style, thus my work is somewhat eclectic. Currently, I am big into papier mache and recycled artwork, although I am never too far from paint and a canvas. Someday I hope to have my own little shop selling my 'funky' repainted furniture with a studio in the back. Big dreams...but then what is life without dreams?

To date most of my work has been sold through Ebay. In the past 3 years I have sold over 50 paintings throughout Can., US, UK, Netherlands and Egypt. I find Ebay getting too expensive and have recently been trying to get more exposure within the community. I have done some art workshops in schools and after school centers with children and really enjoy that. I am putting together some work for the "Northern Lights Festival" held her in July. A goal of mine would be to have a center where underprivelaged children could come by on weekends or afterschool and work on art projects at no cost. I am big into recycling art and would love to do a community project with them.

I am showing above a sample of one of my papier mache projects. I love these 'ladies heads'. They are great conversation pieces and look really cute with your bathrobe or lingerie hanging on them. This one was instantly bought up by someone local. I have made a few more since with different hair colors and features and will post those shortly. When I work on my next one I plan to take pictures as it progresses and post them here along with instructions if anyone is interested in trying their hand at one.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Painting Donated to Charity

I came here tonight to create a blog and realized that I already had one I had totally forgotten about and neglected. I swear I have ADD. Well, I am back and ready to try and contribute to my blog at least on a weekly basis. Hopefully, I will figure out how to combine my other blog(s)into one. Okay, I'm an artist, not a computer techie...:)

In the meantime...here is a sample of one of my paintings. This painting was donated to Easter Seals, a great Canadian Charity for children with disabilities. Yearly I donate a painting to them that is auctioned at their yearly Conn Smythe Celebrity Sportsman Dinner in Toronto. I often donate paintings to children's non profit charities. Pay it back I say!!!

Check out my website at http://www.simplyart.tk.

Since it is now 10:47 p.m. I will save more blogging for tomorrow. Catch ya then!!