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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The Great Bowl O’ Fire is an unique work of art hand-cut by artist John T Unger. Made of 100% recycled material it not only acts as a warm inviting fire pit to gather around with friends but also a unique piece of art.

John Unger has been making art professionally for a little over a decade, and has made a full-time living as an artist for the past six years or so. John believes in working primarily with recycled or re-used materials thus minimizing the impact on natural resources, climate and the environment. He also feels that successful recycled art and design encourages creativity in others. It's alchemical, magical, subversive, and transformative by nature which could only be a good thing.

I agree with him. Seeing all this creativity oline by so many talented recylcing artists just makes me see everyday objects in a truly different light. I've always been one for not throwing anything out or trying to find a useful purpose for it so to see this type of creativity and art that incorporates recycling...well, as Martha would say..."It's a good thing."

Thanks John for letting me show your wonderful unique 'functional art'. To view more of John's work go to his WEBSITE or visit his ETSY store.

Monday, August 27, 2007

EVE PAINTING - finished at last??

Well it's finally finished...I think. I am terrible for finishing a painting and then going back days later and making changes. I can't seem to ever completely walk away from it until it is parceled up and ready to ship out. Sometimes it works out for the better as I'll spot something after a few days I might not have earlier...then on the other hand, there is overkill. Yes, going that one step further, a little too far and ruining it by overworking it. So sometimes it is just best to walk away. So, "Multitude of Sins"...I am walking away.
I wonder how many will get the connection of the title 'Multitude of Sins'. If you think you know how I connect that with my painting I'd love to hear your opinion. How do you think the title connects to the art? Let me know.
Okay, now I have to go list her for sale on my WEBSITE and ETSY. Pop over and have a look and while you do that I think I might go scout for some more great artists I can feature in an upcoming blog. Catch ya next time!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Well here are some of the pieces in my 'Eve and the Serpent' line. The two stools have already been purchased. I took this picture before I was quite finished the painting which is titled "A Multitude of Sins." Since this photo I have added some sun rays and a bit more color to the snakes and that is it. I hung it on my wall and I loved how eye catching it was. At 22" x 26" it was just a nice size. I plan on listing it on EBAY on Sunday hopefully.

These pieces are fast becoming popular. They can be seen at EARTHWORKS GALLERY in Narberth, Pennsylvannia on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Owner Lenore Robison loves the bright bold pop art featured on these pieces. I plan on adding more to the line such as cushions and am currently painting a denim jacket with an Eve theme.
However, giving in to my Attention Disorder I took a little break and painted up a pair of my shoes. They turned out so kewl and funky. I will be posting pictures of those shortly, hopefully tomorrow.
As you can see I have a hard time keeping my paintbrush off any surface. I want to add color all around me!!
Well, off I go...back to the paints...hmmm....the cat is looking a wee bit pale tonight...:) Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I keep coming across these fascinating recyling artists on the internet. A woman definately ahead of her time, Debby Arem has for a few years now been creating wonderful jewellry art from recycled circuit boards. How unique is that? Here is just one piece of fascinating jewellry and I think my favorite.

Not only is she saving them from being added to the landfill, but it is also a very original idea especially considering the technology of today and the fact that just about every home now has at least one computer. Her product line, centered around recycled circuit boards, THREE RING CIRCUITS was launched in 1992. She not only uses circuit boards in the jewellry she makes but also in earrings, pins, tie tacks, and cuff links. THREE RING CIRCUITS also makes bookmarks, clipboards of various sizes and key chains. Below is an example of a tie clip. I absolutely love this one.

They are all truly unique and you should pop on over and check out the rest at her WEBSITE. Hmmmm....Now I know what I just might get that 'computer junkie' on my list for Christmas! I'm off to surf for more of these unique recycling artists. Stay tuned.


I seem to be acquiring a following on my new line of funky ooak pop art furniture and I'm loving it. It's definately keeping me busy. But enough about me...today's blog is about another fantastic recyling artist whose work you will really enjoy viewing.
Cat Bishop is someone I follow on FLICKR and what she does with recycled objects is truly amazing and fun artwork that will make you smile. Below is an example of a series she does using recycled vintage cameras. She has a way of turning them into sculptures that mimic people. Each piece seems to have a unique personality of their own.
You will find her as CATBISHOP on FLICKR or you can read her BLOG. She also sells through ETSY and is very popular there. And if that isn't enough to convince you how popular she is CAT was also featured in CRAFT MAGAZINE. You might want to bookmark her and check back regularly for her new work as I do.
Here's another example of Cat's creations.

Now who else would think to do that with old pots and billiard balls? I continue to be amazed by what some artists can do with objects that would otherwise be delegated to landfill. To take these cast offs and turn them into objects of art is truly a talent. I bet after viewing this artist and some of the other recycling artists I have featured you will think twice about every object you toss out and the ones you decide to put in yard sales. Which reminds me...tomorrow is recycling day...maybe I should take a ride through the neighborhood??? :)

Remember...one man/woman's trash is another man/woman's treasure...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is my newest 20" h handpainted stool that is a match to the first (which can be seen in my Aug. 7 blog - UPDATE). I followed the initial theme but changed the pictures and colors somewhat so they coordinate but are not identical. I've just posted it at my ETSY store and I am off to post it on my WEBSITE now. I am going to continue on in my series of eclectic, funky, pop art style of 'Art Furniture'. I am about to begin a table that is 24" square and 29" high that goes with these two stools. I do have other pieces of furniture that are crying out for color that I plan to add to this series. I call it Art Furniture because the paintings on it are considered art and they are signed and come with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity). I have just about completed a large painting (22"x26")that goes with this series, I've titled it, 'A Multitude of Sins' also and will be posting it shortly. Also, computer nubie that I am, I created a banner to use to feature my new funky furniture line. Maybe I'll add it to my website. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: sold! wow that was fast!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I am very excited that my second stool in my handpainted "Eve and the Serpent" furniture series just sold. Wow that was fast but I do love it. So I am off to do another large stool and a table. I absolutely love painting in bright bold colors. Someone once commented that my work reminded them of Peter Max based on my first piece of 'pop art' below.

At the time I didn't know who he was but when I googled him I was very impressed. I love his work. Some of it reminds me of the doodle art I use to love to color back in the 70's and I can see why they compare some of my work to his pop art.

Someone once commented on the painting below of mine that it was like 'Warhol meeting PIcasso' which really amused me.

Well I'm off to finish up the next stool and hope to post it here in the next few days.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Through ETSY I discovered a truly unique artist. I really admire artists that can take a simple object and see so many thing with it and go on to create unique and absolutely original work. I love their vision. Take a look at some of Terry's work at his blog BENT OBJECTS where he uses his vivid imagination to create from wire and found objects. Every day items will never look the same again.

I also discovered another unique and very talented artist whose work always makes me smile. Ben Hawkins has taken junkyard trash and turned them into such wonderful and original characters. You can't help but smile when you see them. Check out his photos at FLICKR where he is known as WHIMSICAL RUBBISH. Ben was also featured on the show RARE VISIONS AND ROADSIDE REVELATIONS. He was kind enough to post it here on UTUBE so we could watch it. I for one, don't get that show here in Ontario.
You cannot help but be inspired by his work. It changes the whole way you look at simple objects.
I was about to throw out a paintbrush of mine when all of a sudden I saw it as a person. The scruffy bristles resembled hair and I just had to try my hand at Ben's craft and create my own little 'muse'. I love it and it was so much fun to do.
Check out Ben's blog.
Take a few minutes to look at these two artists sites and don't be surprised if it doesn't get your own creativity inspired!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Okay I am back at it. Here is the latest little stool in what I am now calling my "Serpeant" collection. I have decided to continue to paint more pieces of functional art in my own original pop art style. I can't help loving the bold bright colors and the way they seem to pop off the black background. The first big stool shown below in my last post was snapped up pretty quickly by a woman in Pennsylvania and I am now about to list this one in my ETSY shop and on my WEBSITE for sale. I hope it becomes a collectable series like my "Life in Northen Ontario" folk art paintings. Stay tuned as I am off to paint the second larger stool and I think I may also paint a ladies denim jacket and add it to this series.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I haven't posted in a few days because I was busy helping a friend move into a new home. Well I didn't actually help much in the physical part with my back, but good at directing...:) Then I got caught up in my painting. Right now I am painting a footstool in my pop art style and also finishing off a large canvas painting in again my pop art style. Both works are versions of my Eve and the Serpeant style which seems to be becoming popular. I sold this stool below to a woman in PA and since then a lot of people have asked me about it so I thought I might produce some more items in this theme.

I can't post pictures just yet as I don't have my camera here but I hope to post them on Thursday so please check back.
I am still working on my denim outfits so will post pictures of those also. I tend to go back and forth between projects as I bore easily and get easily distracted!!! However, I am finally getting better at completing more work.
You know you are an artist when there are blue and yellow fingerprints on your phone.