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Thursday, February 21, 2008

My ETSY Stores

Just a quick reminder that I do have two ETSY stores on the go. One 'The Functional Artist' I use mainly for my paintings. The other store Gently Worn With Love is where I show my art and clothing from recyclables. This store is still in it's early stages but be sure to stop by and take a peak. New things will be coming!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Newest papier mache

I actually began this paper mache project awhile back but took a break as it takes a fair bit of time for it to dry between layers. I'm not sure what possessed me to pick this particular subject on mining. I can't even remember what I must have been googling when I came across the picture that gave me the idea to do a mining sculpture.
I was raised in a small Northern Ontario town where almost everyone was employed by either Denison or Rio Algom Uranium mines. So mining has been a big part of my life. I even worked 10 years myself in the offices at the mine sites. Now I live in a Northern Ontario city where again mining is the main industry, mainly copper mining such as Vale Inco.
I came across this image below. I have no idea who the men are in the photograph or which mine it was taken at. As I looked at the photo I noticed the depth to it and thought it would make a really great 3 dimensional paper mache project. I had been experimenting with a paper mache pulp using my recipe for paste and mixing it with toilet paper. In this sculpture I also used some plaster of paris and drywall compound. It was a great way to experiment.
I got out a board and began my project making many mistakes along the way and learning a lot about the layering of papier mache. I have a little ways to go before the project is totally complete but here it is. Keep in mind that there is still work to be done on it.
When I have completed it I am thinking of donating it to one of the mines. I know Rio Algom has a mining hall of fame and Vale Inco is still in operations so maybe one of those two would like to receive it. For now I had better go dig my hands into my paper mache paste and get cracking!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Once more I scored a great find!!! In the apartment building where I live residents that want to dispose of something that could be reused leave it in the laundry room for whomever wants it. One day while doing my laundry I found this lamp just sitting there, looking lost and lonely. It was covered with a paper shade that extended from the top ring to the bottom but it had seen better days. Not one to pass up an item that intrigues me I dragged it to my already overflowing apartment and added it to my 'to do list'. It works perfectly and doesn't need rewiring.
I find it unique and I have endless ideas swimming through my head on what to do with it. I can think of all kinds of interesting ways to create some type of new shade. So I will mull this one over and hopefully come up with something unique I can feature on an upcoming blog. Gotta love these freebies!!! :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I've had to take a little break from my paintings during a flare up with my shoulder. To amuse myself I have been going over my quickly piling up second hand furniture. This neat lamp table, think it must be from the 60's maybe, was given to me by my sister whose husband snagged it at a yard sale. I hesitate to put a paintbrush to it yet because I can't decide if that is the route I want to take with this one. This interesting piece of furniture has me a bit stumped so I will put off doing anything to it for a bit.If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, send them my way.

Monday, February 04, 2008


I scored good at Value Village and picked up what might have once been a living room end table for only $2.00!!! I also walked out with the coffee table mate, which I got for only $5!! The painting has yet to be done on that piece.
My youngest son needed some furniture for his college apartment. Of my three children he is the one that shares my love of the unusual, my other children leaning more towards modern pieces. I guess they had enough of growing up in a house filled with mismatched salvaged and handmade pieces of furniture. I preferred to call it 'eclectic'...:)
My son is fun to paint for. He has many interests that make decorating and painting for him enjoyable. From his love of music (he is awesome on any instrument, especially the keyboard), his love of poker, his passion for Coca Cola. I have endless ideas for him such as the keyholder I featured in an earlier blog.
Anyway, I decided to paint this table bold and bright and feature one of his interests...music.
After a light sanding I started out by drawing up a basic design.
Then I got out my paints and went wild with the colors. He loved it and now has it proudly on display in his small loft apartment and uses the bottom shelf to display his wine glasses. Another love of his...wine :) Here is the finished table.

Some day I hope to have my own shop featuring unique and original furniture that has been redesigned or repurposed. A place you could go to to find that one unique piece that every home should have.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have jumped on the bandwagon and will be offering prints of some of my artwork. As I get good images of my paintings I will list them on IMAGEKIND where they will be available for purchase.
A lot of artists use IMAGEKIND to create beautiful prints of their work and have a lot of high praise so I have decided to give them a try.
To go directly to my profile to see prints available click here or on the link IMAGEKIND shown in the sidebar.My popular pop art painting above is the first one I am offering as print.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I am constantly amazed by people that can take ordinary objects and transform them into functional works of art. I have been surfing the net looking for ideas on reconstructed or repurposed lamp ideas. I came across this amazing artist that has taken utensils and created very unique lighting. Ali Siahvoshi has created the chandelier below: His work can be seen at the website FABBIAN He has managed to take ordinary untensils and repurpose them into this unique piece of functional art. Okay, I am off to browse through my growing mound of treasured trash to see what I can come up with.
Oh my...once you start on recycling it does become quite addictive.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I keep reading on the internet that all artists should have a collection of work that depicts their style. Having sold most of mine prior to having the capability for creating prints I have decided to now follow that tidbit of advice and try and create a body of work that I could showcase when I want to have a show or display. I am concentrating on two areas. My 'Life in Northern Canada' folk art series and my unique, funky recycled furniture. I will also focus on reproducing my work into prints, something I had in the past, not had interest in doing. However, I now see the pros in having prints available. For people that want to collect works of particular artists but can't really afford an original, prints seem the way to go.

Right now I am in the middle of reorganizing my workspace so that it will be more functional and eliminate a lot of wasted time. I admit space is at a premium, however, organization seems to be one of my strong suits. Yet, having said that, my art area is the least organized of my spaces in my life. Time to take the bull by the horns and get in there and create an area I can feel productive and creative in. Maybe it will also help me to stay focused, something I have a hard time doing.

However, my dream remains to one day have a true studio with a separate room where I can sell my paintings along with my eclectic mix of functional art and furniture. A place where people who want that 'one' unique original piece will come to find it. Every home should have at least one unique piece of furniture or art I firmly believe.

Now wouldn't one of these pieces be a great conversation piece in your home?

Saturday, January 05, 2008


As much as I enjoy the Christmas Holidays and the festivities I must admit I am always anxious to get the decorations put away and get back to normal. Normal for me being back to working on my artwork and crafts and letting my creative ideas take full reign. I am always full of ideas coming out of the holidays and anxious to get working on them. I recently finished a big winter folk art painting in my 'Life in Northern Canada' series and I am halfway through the next one which is a summer scene. However, I tend to take breaks from my painting to pursue ideas that pop into my head on recycling. I recently 'scored' a really unique floor lamp someone was tossing out and I am so anxious to transform it into something funky and new. It is approximately 5 1/2 feet tall with three small chandelier type lights running up it. It was covered with a paper type shade that reached from almost the base to the top but it was in bad shape and I removed it. Right now the ideas are flying through my head on how I will create a new unique functional piece of art from it. I will post pictures shortly in an upcoming blog.
In the meantime, I am once again back to surfing the internet looking at unique recycled furniture, my passion. I came across this site, RESTORE and fell in love with the unique furniture they have made using discarded items such as this wheelbarrow they converted into a chair. Now this designer has a great imagination and vision. Also on this site is a grocery cart converted into a chair. Hmmm....I think Walmart had better start locking up their grocery carts.
Okay, back to my cup of tea and my break searching the web in pursuit of more original functional art creators. Stay tuned and Happy New Year to you all!