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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Once more I scored a great find!!! In the apartment building where I live residents that want to dispose of something that could be reused leave it in the laundry room for whomever wants it. One day while doing my laundry I found this lamp just sitting there, looking lost and lonely. It was covered with a paper shade that extended from the top ring to the bottom but it had seen better days. Not one to pass up an item that intrigues me I dragged it to my already overflowing apartment and added it to my 'to do list'. It works perfectly and doesn't need rewiring.
I find it unique and I have endless ideas swimming through my head on what to do with it. I can think of all kinds of interesting ways to create some type of new shade. So I will mull this one over and hopefully come up with something unique I can feature on an upcoming blog. Gotta love these freebies!!! :)