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Monday, August 27, 2007

EVE PAINTING - finished at last??

Well it's finally finished...I think. I am terrible for finishing a painting and then going back days later and making changes. I can't seem to ever completely walk away from it until it is parceled up and ready to ship out. Sometimes it works out for the better as I'll spot something after a few days I might not have earlier...then on the other hand, there is overkill. Yes, going that one step further, a little too far and ruining it by overworking it. So sometimes it is just best to walk away. So, "Multitude of Sins"...I am walking away.
I wonder how many will get the connection of the title 'Multitude of Sins'. If you think you know how I connect that with my painting I'd love to hear your opinion. How do you think the title connects to the art? Let me know.
Okay, now I have to go list her for sale on my WEBSITE and ETSY. Pop over and have a look and while you do that I think I might go scout for some more great artists I can feature in an upcoming blog. Catch ya next time!


HMBT said...

Love, love, love your eve work. Just simply stunning!

HMBT said...

Oh yeah I forgot...I love the title, and I think it more than really helps the work along (for the viewer) Great work.

trish said...

Thank you so much. It really is even more stunning in person the way the colors just jump out at you.

Anonymous said...

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