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Monday, September 10, 2007


This is the front of my latest hand painted child's denim outfit. It's a really cute little jumper that I have painted up into a school outfit. Notice the apple on the cuff of the sleeve.

Here is a view of the back where I have painted a bright school bus.

Below are closeups.

I made sure this time to add enough fabric medium to the paints so the paintings will hold up well. I can picture a little girl in red tights wearing this adorable jumper. In keeping with my love of recycling this is a previously gently worn dress. It was so much fun to do I'll have to go do another!!


HMBT said...

Too cute for words this one is. Makes me wish I had had just one little girl in my life...I got all boys. (not complaining)
Love the key holder too!

trish said...

Thanks. I am really partical to that keyholder for some reason. :) The jumper was so fun to do but going to try a little boys set too.

Cara Sampson said...

SUCH a cute little dress. I love the idea of being artistic and recycling at the same time, too. Awesome!

trish said...

Thanks Cara. I find these days I look for ways to recycle everything artistically.

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Micheal Kelvin said...

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