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Friday, September 28, 2007

Toronto Waterfront in full color (A work in progress)

I have been carrying around in my head an idea for a painting I have wanted to do for some time. I love the view of the Toronto waterfront and have wanted to capture it on cavas but not from a realistic perspective but in my own pop art fashion. Sticking with my love of bright yellow/blue combinations and the sky here is a picture of the predrawn work on canvas. Some paintings I do freehand but some I like to draw and block out in advance.
I'm not going to pretend that I have drawn it to scale or included every single building, now that wouldn't be pop art would it? However, if you are a true Torontonian I am sure you can recognize some of the buildings. I painted it on a 22 x 26" canvas which seems to be a good size. In the picture below I have begun to add the color.
I began wanting to do it in my usual bold primary colors but for some reason I decided to go with a different tone and created my own colors by mixing my paints. It is almost complete and I will post it here in the next day or so. Right now I am off to search for good pictures of Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and maybe some US coastal cities. I think I have the makings of a series here.