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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What a nice surprise to receive an email from Zazzle that 52 T-shirts with the image of my painting "They Can't Keep Us Down" had been purchased from my Zazzle shop. This painting was a Jazz wall hanging I did based on the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and the spirit of the people of New Orleans.
Jazz put New Orleans on the map musically, and the culture lives on despite the events of Hurricane Katrina and the devestation she created. I wonder if they were purchased by some group to wear to an event? That's the only downside to selling through online shops is that you have no contact with the people that purchase from them.
Oh well, I am just really happy that so many sold and that someone obviously loves that painting. The original wallhanging is still for sale and can be seen at my ETSY store.


HMBT said...

Congrat's on the sale! 52 shirts all at once? That's really cool. BTW, love the skates too. Glad you are back!

trish said...

Thanks I am thrilled also. Sometimes I get caught up in 'life' and don't get a chance to get to my blog as often but I always come back!!!

Rick's Time On Earth said...

Utterly fantastic!

trish said...

Thanks Rick. It definately is a huge compliment.

MrWolf said...

Go Girl!
I think that if the shirts were made available on Bourbon street they would sell like crazy!
Do you have a picture of one of the T-shirts? What colors they come in etc?

trish said...

Thanks Mr. Wolf. The shirts are sold through zazzle.com however, would love to get them printed myself and sell them. Go here to see them:

Anonymous said...

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