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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Winter has sprung in Northern Ontario. You would think after all the years I have lived here I would have adjusted by now, but not the case. I hate winter!!!! I admit I enjoyed it when I was a child, jumping in fresh piles of snow, building snowforts and making snowflake angels. Now winter means dressing in layers and layers of heavy clothing to prevent the cold bite of the winter wind, trudging through deep piles of snow....*moan*. Yes, I am entitled to moan, I've put in my dues having been through 30, okay 40 odd years of the white stuff.
But I am wandering from my main reason for starting this blog and that is art work. Having just completed a winter painting in my "Life In Northern Canada" series I have already begun a summer one. Yes I am pushing the season a wee bit but hey, consider it artistic license. Maybe if I keep working on this one the painting will give me the warmth I need to make it through another Northern Winter. One can only hope.


MrWolf said...

You would never tell that you don't like winter from your paintings!
They are beautiful and remind me of when I was a child growing up in Canada. Am seriously considering buying one as the colors used and the stories they tell could change the energy in the right room! I'll be back!

trish said...

Thank you Mr. Wolf. People tell me they are very nostalgic and remind them of their youth.

Anonymous said...

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