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Sunday, January 06, 2008


I keep reading on the internet that all artists should have a collection of work that depicts their style. Having sold most of mine prior to having the capability for creating prints I have decided to now follow that tidbit of advice and try and create a body of work that I could showcase when I want to have a show or display. I am concentrating on two areas. My 'Life in Northern Canada' folk art series and my unique, funky recycled furniture. I will also focus on reproducing my work into prints, something I had in the past, not had interest in doing. However, I now see the pros in having prints available. For people that want to collect works of particular artists but can't really afford an original, prints seem the way to go.

Right now I am in the middle of reorganizing my workspace so that it will be more functional and eliminate a lot of wasted time. I admit space is at a premium, however, organization seems to be one of my strong suits. Yet, having said that, my art area is the least organized of my spaces in my life. Time to take the bull by the horns and get in there and create an area I can feel productive and creative in. Maybe it will also help me to stay focused, something I have a hard time doing.

However, my dream remains to one day have a true studio with a separate room where I can sell my paintings along with my eclectic mix of functional art and furniture. A place where people who want that 'one' unique original piece will come to find it. Every home should have at least one unique piece of furniture or art I firmly believe.

Now wouldn't one of these pieces be a great conversation piece in your home?


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Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

I love both pieces.
Very beautiful work.

kam said...

I love your work! I have a blog about nice things I find....may I download some photos and feature your work there. If you go to my profile it is the "spoonful of sugar" blog. The other is my personal blog, and too ...dark to want to be on it. i assure you you would not be there among the rants. But instead on the nicer, gentler "spoonful" blog.
Let me know if you are ok with that.

trish said...

Sure go ahead and post any pics you want and if you would link them back to my site bonus!!! Been reading your blog. You are a fantastic artist yourself and I love the angel sculpture you are working on and the one that I think must be your husband.

Anonymous said...

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