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Saturday, July 14, 2007


I love to paint with acrylics. I have tried watercolors and I am not great at blending. I have tried oils and I admit I don't have the patience to wait for them to dry. So I love acrylics. They are quick drying, colorful and forgiving...you can paint right over your mistakes (of which I make many!)

I recently came across a great website where an acrylic artist by the name of Sandra Sheetz has a free video you can watch which gives you a few lessons on painting with acrylics. I found it very helpful and insightful so if you are new to painting with acrylics I would check it out. Painting with Acrylics video.

Below is one of my few attempts at oils. I find it easier to paint abstracts with oils as you can blend and create wonderful color and not have to worry about each color drying beforehand. However, I think I will stick with my acrylics. This piece is for sale and is gorgeous in person. My camera needs replaced!!!


Rick's Time On Earth said...

Thanks for the comments on my page! I had to check yours out and I was like "wow". when I saw it. I'm a big fan of art myself. I love painting and drawing. I love the painting you posted in this post. I believe painting is an expression of the soul and you really showed this to be true.Incredible talent you have you there!

trish said...

Thanks a lot Rick. Nice to hear from an art fan. Would love to see some of your paintings. Are there any online? Take a look at my art website sometime. http://www.simplyart.tk

Peter Chen said...

Hi trish,

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Peter Chen said...

Hi Trish,

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Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
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