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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I have also recently experimented a little bit with mosaics. This is really a fun medium also and there are many wonderful things you can do with it. I took this boring wooden shelf and used some broken china, a discarded watch piece, some jewellry and I really like the way it turned out. Unfortunately, my camera is acting up and the shot is not very clear. Another bonus I discovered in working with Mosaics is now my friends don't ask me to help with the dishes. Gee, I wonder if they are thinking I might 'accidentally' drop their china??? :)


Jeff said...

mosaic is fun Im taking glass art right now and early in the class we made a mosiac when I get it back Ill take pics of it and also I have posted all my work on my blog

trish said...

I'd love to see pictures of your work. I'll go look at your blog.

SiFiBiBi (Say It, Feel It, Believe It, Be It) said...

Fun site....I like it.


trish said...

Thank you. I like my artwork to have that feeling to and make people smile. Maybe it will put them in an up mood and they'll pass it on.