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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Okay I've heard of writers block and I think that I may have painters block. You know one of those times when you can stare and stare at a canvas and just cannot bring yourself to pick up the paintbrush? What a strange feeling. It's not that there aren't ideas swimming around in my head, they swim so fast I get dizzy! But something, sometimes just stops me from picking up that brush. I think sometimes it is lack of confidence that I can bring the image swimming around in my head to life on that big blank canvas staring back at me. I think the canvas and I are having a battle of sorts. I feel it staring at me saying...go ahead, do your best but it won't be good enough. Grrr...I wish it would be quiet. I tell myself, okay pour a cup of tea, get yourself comfortable and settle down to paint. Well, I go get the tea but when I come back that canvas is still staring at me, challenging me. So being somewhat intimidated I decide to go throw a load of laundry in instead. A few minutes later I come back, tea somewhat cold, and settle down once again to begin painting. I pick up my brush, turn to face the canvas...and there it is...glaring at me again. Okay by now I am getting severely annoyed. How dare it try to intimidate me. I am the one that adds the paint to it's surface to make it colorful and come to life. I am the one that decides whether to use it or relegate it to the back of my closet. How dare it challenge me! I once again pick up the paintbrush dip it into my paints and take a swipe at the canvas. "There, take that!" I think to myself. Crazily I start to dip into the various colours swishing my brush around on the canvas losing all track of time. When finally, I stop and sit back, slowly becoming aware of the world around me, I look once again at the intimidating canvas and lo and behold, it is ablaze with colour. Colour put there by me. I stand back and take a look at what I have created and am instantly filled with satisfaction. Once again I have managed to beat the dreaded blank canvas and turned it into a work of art sure to be appreciated and loved by someone somewhere.