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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


After years of selling on another auction site I have switched over to Etsy just recently and I am loving this site. One of the features I love is the ability to 'reserve' items for people or to offer 'custom' items. I decided that since I loved making my fairy house shown here that I would take orders for them. Etsy makes that easy to do. You have to love a site like that! So, if anyone is interested in ordering a fairy house pop on over to my Etsy store. Although I posted this picture in an earlier blog here it is again so you can see what it is I am offering.Growing up with a Celtic family I listened to stories of faeries and their doings. We had a ritual we use to do, that my daughter and I still do that involved the faeries. Growing up every time we misplaced something my Aunt would say..."It's those darn faeries again...they must have hidden it." The only way you could get it back was by stomping your feet and demanding they return it. Then we would toss a few coins into the room and leave, allowing them the time to put it back. A few minutes later we would stomp back into the room and say..."Okay Faeries..where is it?" Sure enough we would find the item we had been seeking. Believe it or not. My daughter and I still do this :)
So it seems only fitting to offer them their own wee house to reside in. After all, faeries need their own 'space' too.
So next time you misplace something...ask the faeries...:)

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