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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well I am pretty pleased today. Not long ago I decided to open up a shop at www.zazzle.com and lately I have been making some great sales. Okay, I admit, I didn't open up the store to make a lot of money, you get very little return on the items. However, there were a few reasons I opened it. #1 - to get exposure for my artwork (if someone drinks out of a coffee cup everyday bearing one of my paintings, they might get interested to buy one.) #2 - it really costs nothing to open except my time. So nothing ventured, nothing gained is the way I see it as I am always open to new opportunities to get my artwork seen. To date I have sold gift cards, a t-shirt and 4 aprons, all of them bearing my artwork. You can see a sample of one of my products above. It is a father's day barbeque apron and seems pretty popular. Below is a sample of a travel coffee mug for father's day also. It's just another method of marketing in my opinion and I am a typical artist in that I love to create art, but hate to market it.

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