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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Funky Mama Ladies Heads

I only began seriously painting after making some major life changes 6 years ago, although I was always artistic. Now art has become part of me and I can't spend a day away from it. I began with painting mainly but find my interests are so broad that I have to try every medium and style, thus my work is somewhat eclectic. Currently, I am big into papier mache and recycled artwork, although I am never too far from paint and a canvas. Someday I hope to have my own little shop selling my 'funky' repainted furniture with a studio in the back. Big dreams...but then what is life without dreams?

To date most of my work has been sold through Ebay. In the past 3 years I have sold over 50 paintings throughout Can., US, UK, Netherlands and Egypt. I find Ebay getting too expensive and have recently been trying to get more exposure within the community. I have done some art workshops in schools and after school centers with children and really enjoy that. I am putting together some work for the "Northern Lights Festival" held her in July. A goal of mine would be to have a center where underprivelaged children could come by on weekends or afterschool and work on art projects at no cost. I am big into recycling art and would love to do a community project with them.

I am showing above a sample of one of my papier mache projects. I love these 'ladies heads'. They are great conversation pieces and look really cute with your bathrobe or lingerie hanging on them. This one was instantly bought up by someone local. I have made a few more since with different hair colors and features and will post those shortly. When I work on my next one I plan to take pictures as it progresses and post them here along with instructions if anyone is interested in trying their hand at one.

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