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Friday, May 25, 2007


I've been working on some new paintings in my series "Life In Northern Canada" so I've decided to put up two from that series that are still for sale before I bring out the new paintings. I began this series one day while watching local children at play and reminising on my own youth and the simpleness of our play. A time when children actually went outside to play instead of sitting in front of a computer or video games. I can remember my sisters, our friends and I staging plays in the gully behind our house and our family and the neighbours coming to watch. We even did our own rendition of the Beatles, however, I was always upset that I had to be Ringo and could never be the handsome Paul. Do you remember British Bulldog? Shadow Tag? Swiss skip? Double Dutch? Making dandelion chains for necklaces and crowns? Did you ever put a rubber ball in the foot of your mother's nylon and then swing it against the wall chanting..."Hello, hello, hello Sir. Are you coming out Sir?" I still don't understand where that rhyme originated from. Ah, the memories. It is these very memories I want to bring out in people as they study my paintings. A time when being a child, meant just being a child. When life was more innocent, no threats of being shot in your schoolroom. To want to be young again? No, not me. I was fortunate to be raised in a time when life was much less stressful for children. It's a shame our own children can't experience that. But we have our memories and we can share them, and maybe my paintings will help keep those memories alive.

These are the only two of the series not sold yet. I love the brightness and fun of the "Canada Parade Day" painting. It shows that Canadian are also very patriotic as the children in my series organize and stage their own July 1st parade. It was also when I started painting children with disabilities into my paintings as I feel they are just as important. In this series I only paint children. Adults aren't allowed in this world I create. The second one was one of my first titled, "Summer Fun". My newer paintings are more detailed and show how I've progressed in my painting.

However, my very favorite has to the the one I donated to the Easter Seals Society which is an organization that helps children with disabilities. I give them a painting yearly to be auctioned at the Conn Smythe Celebrity Sportsman dinner in Toronto and the proceeds go towards Easter Seals. This painting was very special to me as it depicts a physically challenged child dreaming of one day playing on the Olympic Men's Sledge Hockey Team. And why shouldn't he? However, I was in such a rush to get it to them in time for the auction that I didn't get a very good picture of it. Wish I had.

So I will continue adding on to this series since it gives me a lot of satisfaction and comfort to know that others enjoy them also and that they too, are reminded of their youth and much simpler times. Maybe it's time we taught our children British Bulldog???

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The Feathered Nest said...

That brings back memories. My friends and I used to pretend we were the Beatles too!

Love how colorful your paintings are!


trish said...

Thank you Manuella. Wouldn't it be great if children these days could experience the same innocence of youth? That's why I love doing this series.

Scavenger Art said...

Hi Trish
Love your paintings and your paper mache! I wish you well in your art endeavors. And keep blessing those charities with your art work, I believe that it will come back to you in abundance.
Scavenger Art
PS Thanks for your very nice comments on my art work. It is nice when another artist sees value in my work. Thank you again.