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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well although I have my own website that I use to promote and sell to my artwork to art buyers and art collectors, I have decided to try posting a few items on Etsy. In the past I have always gone with Ebay and had a lot of success selling my original paintings for decent prices. However, I find these days Ebay is getting pretty expensive for the average self represented artist and just forces you to raise the price of your art work, something I hate to do. I try to keep my prices affordable to art collectors and already established clients. I am not out to make a fortune selling my work, however, creating paintings is more expensive than most realize. The cost of the canvas alone, if like me, you like to buy the premium artist gallery wrapped canvas, with no staples in the sides and if you like to use good quality paints can really add up fast. If you have to add the expense of Ebay on top of it all...well, the price naturally goes up. So I continue to offer my work for sale at my website and also in the community through 'brick and mortar' markets, I am going to try and post some items on Etsy such as my painted furniture (see pic of stool) and one of my functional pieces of art, my ladies heads or as I call them, my Funky Mamas. :) I have yet to go the way of private galleries or even to join local art galleries as I hate to have to 'pigeon-hole' my work. I like the freedom to express myself in any style and medium I choose. So for now I will continue on selling in the manner I have been to date and keep creating upbeat and happy paintings. Both items above can be purchased at my new Etsy shop 'The Functional Artist' or at my website. See links to the right.

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trish said...

Wow after just one week of posting this stool on Etsy it sold to a woman in PA!!!